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About Audrey Jones

Audrey Jones is an 22 year old singer/songwriter born and raised in Colorado. At the age of 14 Audrey moved out to California with her family to pursue music professionally. Since moving to California, Audrey has graduated from Orange County School of the Arts where she was a part of the Commercial Music program. She currently attends Belmont University in Nashville, TN as an entertainment industry studies major.


Audrey's EP titled "Another Face in the Crowd" was released on August 12, 2016. The EP included Audrey's single "Dear Mom" along with 5 brand new songs. Along with the EP release Audrey also released a brand new music video for her song "See You Again".

In 2019, Audrey is currently spending her semester working in the Entertainment Industry in New York City. Previously, she studied has studied in Sydney, Australia, where she worked in the music industry, and Orlando, FL, where she worked as a Photopass Photographer. She releases weekly VLOGs to her YouTube channel capturing her experiences. She also just recently released a new cover of "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac, her first release since "Another Face in The Crowd."

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